Our commercial clients have diverse needs and requirements. How they are going to use their site or new building is clearly the primary driver of any design solution. But our approach focuses on much more than the simple utility of the workplace. This is not just a working building that needs to pay its way, but a design that represents the client and their customers and staff.

With all our projects, agreeing the client brief is the start point and each client works closely with a Director from SDA who personally manages the entire project and creates an ongoing relationship that, for many clients, endures from one project to the next.

Our philosophy is simple: designed well and designed to work. All commercial properties are built to support their owners’ vision and business objectives. We keep this in mind at all times, from design concept to final handover.



Our expert team of Architects and Designers are fully versed in the delivery of commercial projects of all shapes and sizes. We bring cross-sector expertise to design truly unique and fully functional spaces for businesses and their occupants.