Brand names and logos are some of the world’s most recognisable and universal symbols and businesses spend significant amounts of time and money building the brand that becomes embodied in their logo.

Identifying the most widely recognised brands becomes almost subliminal – customers can know a logo by shape, colour and even individual components and retail premises feel both reassuring and engaging when they have a consistent application of known themes linked to the brand. This consistent presentation is the key to developing a strong and resonant presentation of the brand.

SDA plays the important role of Brand Guardian for a number of clients and can bring that experience to both the planning and implementation of national and global brand development projects. This is more than policing the application of logos and brand names. SDA works with clients on the real-world requirements of both brand owners and retailers and develops both guidelines and individual site plans for the use of every aspect of branding.

There is a unique skill to developing designs and a sign-off processes that ensures consistency but includes sufficient flexibility and creativity to accommodate unusual site and planning requirements. From a one-off site refit to the development and rollout of an all-new identity, working with SDA and its experienced design team creates a resource that is focussed on the best outcome for every individual retailer and for the brand across every site.


 SDA have worked as Brand Guardians for Audi across the UK for over 15 years.